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We partner with charitable organizations around the world to plant trees and assist with rehabilitating natural ecosystems.
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We can pick up books within 15 miles from any of these locations.
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Oklahoma Service Area Cities
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Trees For Books was founded in 2020 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Currently we only support pick up locations in the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas. We hope with your support we'll be able to grow and expand to more locations in the future.

Our Primary Partner
Eden Projects

Eden Projects works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.
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Who your book donations support

Every day, working in some of the world’s most remote and politically unstable places, we overcome challenges with grit, relentlessness, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to our mission to plant trees and save lives. Below are some of the places Eden Reforestation Projects is working!


Most people run from wildfires. Eden Projects, committed to the long-term health of the forest they have planted, run towards them, even when they are wearing shorts and flip-flops, rather than what we think of as regular fire-fighting gear.

572 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
8,000+ employees empowered with fair wages


Would you rather navigate through hyena territory or walk through python-infested bushes? This is not a question most people have to ask themselves during a typical workday. However, our teams face this type of choice every week.

30 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
700+ employees empowered with fair wages


When crabs ate our propagules, killing the seeds before they could grow, our Mozambique team collaborated with Brazil to figure out a creative solution.

60 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
650+ employees empowered with fair wages


Over half our workforce are women, and for many it is their first opportunity for consistent employment. From managing nurseries to planting seedlings, these women are overcoming gender inequality in their nation.

12 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
900+ employees empowered with fair wages


Working in some of Indonesia's most remote and least developed areas with limited cell and internet service, our teams overcome their communication barriers by climbing up trees and sailing to other islands to provide planting updates.

38 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
550+ employees empowered with fair wages


In one year, Haiti was hit with a hurricane and earthquake while also dealing with political unrest. Despite these challenges, our teams resiliently continue to help overcome deforestation and food insecurity in their nation.

6 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
100+ employees empowered with fair wages

Central America

As if launching planting projects during a global pandemic was not already a significant obstacle, our teams are also faced with challenges such as planting trees during parching droughts.

1 million+ trees produced, planted, and protected
60+ employees empowered with fair wages


More than 250 years ago, the Kalunga community escaped from slavery and settled in the Cerrado. Over the years, their land has become degraded and in need of restoration. We are working together to restore 5,000 ha of their local forest.

11,000+ trees produced, planted, and protected
30+ employees empowered with fair wages